Hosted by The Sherburne Public Library
2nd Saturday in June -- 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Gaines Park, Sherburne

Arts Festival Clowns win 1st Place for Floats in Pageant of Bands!!

We're excited to report that our fantastic clowns -- who took part in the 2016 Pageant of Bands parade in Sherburne on Saturday to help promote the June 11 Sherburne Arts Festival -- won 1st place for floats! Thanks so much to our lead clowns, Lee Perrin and Roxanne Roberts; to participating clowns Laura Christensen, Karole Christensen, Kathleen Christensen, Jenni Larcher, Candy Hamilton, Susana Schwartz, and Randy Muth; to Vince Yacono for providing the clown car; to Sally Ewen for the beautiful costumes; and especially to our little clowns, who made the parade so special this year (oh yes, thanks to the pony, too!).